RaceChip One

+20% Output
+20% Torque
MotorgarantieUp to
-1L consumption (per 100 km)

RaceChip One – the best in its class

Absolute driving pleasure at an unbeatable price

Don’t be fooled by the attractive price of RaceChip One. Our entry-level performance chip still gives you all the benefits that come from the expertise of the global chip tuning market leader. The hardware and software are specially designed for your car and make use of developments in our premium products. Even with RaceChip One, you gain access to much more of your car’s power reserves. You’ll enjoy driving on another level – you’ll feel the extra power, sense the greater torque and appreciate the ability to save fuel. The One makes driving a sensational experience.

The One – a real RaceChip in
quality and function


+20% MORE-







The One has many of the typical RaceChip quality features. The optimization software is specially designed for your engine and has gone through an exhaustive series of test in the lab and on the
road. Our Engine Protect System ensures that the increased power is produced only within your engine’s normal rev range. And of course, we only use high-quality hardware components.

+20% power and torque

The tuning software in the One is specially designed for your car to optimize your engine’s electronic signals. This provides a significant boost to the horsepower and torque within the available power reserves. You’ll enjoy added power, dynamics and mid-range acceleration.


Better fuel economy

RaceChip One increases power while helping you save fuel and money. Savings of up to one litre per 100 kilometers are possible. Torque optimization is the key to this success. The equation is pretty simple: more torque = earlier upshifts = reduced fuel consumption = lower costs.



Only high quality components are used in the RaceChip One. The housing is heat-resistant and the connection to the engine electronics is very secure. We provide a 2-year product warranty for the One.


Optional engine warranty

We have 100% confidence in the quality of the RaceChip One. You can benefit from our confidence through the RaceChip engine warranty (optional for the One but included with the Pro 2 for 1 year and for 2 years with the Ultimate). For just 59 AUD, you can protect your car for a year. In the unlikely event of damage, RaceChip won’t leave you alone.


Simple installation and removal

You don’t have to be an expert to install the Ultimate. Easy do-it-yourself installation in just a few minutes – that’s the RaceChip Plug&Drive promise. It lets you use the most sophisticated technology with the utmost ease.

With the One,
you’re safely on your way

Engine Protect System Plus

Our optimization software ensures that the RaceChip works only within your engine’s safe rev range. When you get close to the red line or go into the red, the chip automatically shuts down so that your engine is running in stock condition again. As soon as the revs drop, the chip turns on again. Our Engine Protect System is that simple and safe. And it works in addition to any existing protection systems installed by the manufacturer.

Premium hardware components

We use only high quality components in the RaceChip One. The processor was designed especially for the operating conditions found in cars. The housing is heat-resistant and the connection to the engine electronics is very secure.

RaceChip One
for your car

299 AUD