At RaceChip, we often receive customers feedback on the product. This particular customer was very focused on the best solution for the money invested and as an active member of a dedicated online forum Jon was looking for a safe plug and play power solutions for his brand new Land Rover Defener with a 2.2 L TDCi engine (Ford diesel engine).

Here is his feedback on RaceChip ECU Chip Tuning with RaceChip ULTIMATE.


Not sure if you received my last email around 9th of June, but with the pics you supplied, it made it easier to work out where the connections went and I had it running fine.

I’ve had a chance now to do a bit of driving in it in various conditions. I’m not so much about percentages of increases, but how it feels and what the driving experience is now like. It certainly makes the vehicle much nicer to drive. I did about 500km over the long weekend and it performed well. It feels like it cruises with greater ease and you can almost sit in 6th gear all day long now on a road trip. Off road in trickier slower conditions, the extra torque is well welcomed.

Overall, very happy and I appreciate the assistance of you and your team in supplying the additional information to make the install happen.

Thanks for your follow up too.




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